Books to look out for in 2017

Last week we talked about the greatest literature related events of 2016. But new year new books, right? Let’s get a sneak peak at the books and authors you have to look out for this year.

Let’s start with the certain ones.

Haruki Murakami Books
Credits Maria Castelló Solbes

Haruki Murakami will be back to Japanese bookstores on February 24 with his new novel Kishidancho Goroshi or Killing Commendatore (who knows). The publisher, Shinchosha Publishing Co., also said the book will be divided into two parts, subtitled Emerging Ideas and Moving Metaphor. Besides that we do not know much though. And apparently neither does Shinchosha, who sent him an email asking about the content. Murakami only described it as a very strange story and said that more information will come later. Murakami is a worldwide acclaimed novelist, famous for bestsellers Norwegian Wood, Kafka on the Beach and 1Q84, and wanted as Nobel Prize winner for some years already. What else can we say? The publishing date overseas is still unknown unfortunately, but let’s not let our guard down.

Arundhati Roy only put out one book in her life. The God of Small Things, which took four year to complete and was published in 1997, won the Booker Prize that same year. Her second novel, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness will be out this year and it’s supposed to become a great success. “Only Arundhati could have written this novel,” says her literary agent David Godwin “Utterly original. It has been 20 years in the making. And well worth the wait.”

Ken Follett Books
Source: Wikipedia Commons

Another novel we had waited for very long is the final chapter of the Kingsbridge Trilogy. After the Pillars of the Earth (1989) and World Without End (2007) Ken Follett finally announced the final episode of the saga will be out in September. The background of The Column of Fire is that same cathedral Tom and Jack dreamed about so much, but this story is settled four centuries later, during the reign of Elizabeth I. As all England seems to plot the Queen’s assassination, her entourage sets up an espionage system to unearth the terrorists. For those of you who are familiar with Follett’s style, be ready for a novel full of details about politics, economy, religion, culture and customs of the 16th century for which the author used nothing less than 238 books. Ah, and I’d also say be ready for at least 1000 pages.

Dan Brown's book character Robert Langdon
Credits: Ben.hannis

September will be a very hot month for librarians. Dan Brown’s publishers have in fact announced that on September 26th the Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon will be swallowed by another great mystery. Origin is the the fifth chapter of Langdon’s adventures. The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, The Lost Symbol and Inferno all sold several million copies only in the UK and Origin was very much awaited. “EL James, Harper Lee and JK Rowling have all released new books over the course of the last year so I guess it was inevitable that a new Dan Brown would appear soon enough to complete the quartet of megasellers” said Chris White to The Guardian. So brace yourself, the world’s favourite symbologist is back.

Emily Blunt in the movie "The Girl on the Train", from the namesake book
Credits: BagoGames

And not to go off genre too much, Paula Hawkins’ new thriller will be published in May. Hawkins does not linger: the movie based on her bestseller The Girl on the Train was just released on October 7th. The upcoming novel, Into the Water, promises a similar storyline. Settled around the murder of a teenager and a single mother, the book will “interrogate the deceitfulness of memory and all the dangerous ways that the past can reach a long arm into the present” says editor Sarah McGrath in a statement. Let’s hope The Girl on the Train wasn’t Hawkins’ masterpiece, but a great start.

And what about the not-so-certain ones?

Talking about great bestsellers’ sequel, who hasn’t heard about Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s The Shadow of the Wind? Great book, sold several million copies. But what most people don’t know is that it doesn’t stand alone. It’s a tetralogy, The Angel’s Game and The Prisoner of Heaven following that first episode. The red thread being books, The Labyrinth of the Spirits takes us back to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books for another mysterious and engaging adventure. I am using the present tense because the book has already been published in some countries, such as Spain, Latin America, Germany and Italy. For English speaking countries however readers will have to wait until 2018! So for those eager to read in other languages, don’t let Zafón disappear in the Cemetery of Forgotten Books.

On December 21st, JK Rowling answered to a tweet announcing she is working on two new novels. Wow! The best Christmas present to her fans. We don’t know anything about the novels, if not that they won’t be about Newt Scamander and his beloved beasts. Will we read about Harry again? Besides Rowling, only God knows. Since the publishing date is also unknown I’d recommend Constant Vigilance, as Mad Eye would say.

And what about George RR Martin’s Winds of Winter? Well, the author gave away that the sixth episode of the saga A Song of Ice and Fire should be out this year, although he doesn’t promise anything…It looks like the next Game of Thrones’ season will be out before the novel. But in the end, will it matter for the series’s lovers? I do seriously wonder how many GoT fans also read the books.

Brace yourself bookworms, it’s going to be a great year!

-Luisa Seguin

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