Donald Trump: The Only Show That Matters

Many people, for many good reasons, do not welcome the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. I am amongst those people. I do not agree with many of his ideological opinions, I hate the way he talks about women, immigrants and other people that in his eyes qualify as ‘different’. His lack of diplomatic capabilities and his business attitude in politics make things worse. The biggest problem of it all, however, is that his tweets make people worldwide forget about the actual problems we have.

Covfefe or Venezuela, Trump-rally or massively broken diplomatic ties in the Gulf region, his love for Melania or the conflict in Syria? The media have made their favor of reporting about Trump abundantly clear. With misplaced excitement journalists watch over Trumps Twitter page day and night to see what ridiculous post will appear, they rush to the White House to let Sean Spicer deny all these words, and then they rush to whatever Trump-rally is going to on to hear Trump admit to those same words. It’s the same ritual over and over again, and people keep finding it fascinating and for some reason important.

While we worry about the golf cart Trump rides in Sicily, Venezuela is on the verge of collapse. Thanks to another power-addicted socialist dictator, the once richest state of Latin-America has fallen to become a failed state, with one of the highest murder rates in the world and a leader fighting his own people. Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others, George Orwell once wrote. Maduro couldn’t agree more, because for the sake of the proletariat and the rule of the people he must lead, and lead alone, at all cost. Anyone speaking up against this hypocrisy must be imprisoned or otherwise ridden of. Oh, how Stalin, Mao and Fidel would approve. But anyway, no one cares, because last night Trump said something unpresidential in some rally. So we asked Sean Spicer, and he denied it.

For who remembers, one of the most cruel and bloody conflicts of our time is still going on. The Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad and the Russian army quite often at random throw bombs on whatever place they see fit to turn into a parking lot.  Meanwhile the Islamic State still has control of a significant territory  in both Iraq and Syria, where they rule in more cruel ways than the Great North Korean Leader could ever dream of. Meanwhile in between those two parties are several other opposition groups, of which it is often very hard to determine their loyalties. Some are related to Al-Qaeda, some to Iran and some are Kurdish with American support. But Donald Trump tweets ‘covfefe’, so who cares, Syria is too far away now, first we’ll go over to Sean Spicer for a response.

Over the Pentecost-Weekend the Emir of Qatar said something of significance, something in terms of ‘don’t forget the power of the Islamic State of Iran, it cannot be ignored’. Who cares, I would think, but almost the complete Gulf region cares a great bit. Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen, and Eastern-Libya cut all their diplomatic ties with Qatar. Iran’s National Guard blamed the Saudi’s for a terrorist attack in Tehran last Wednesday. An old conflict between Sunnis and Shiites is on the rise in the Gulf region, with potentially disastrous consequences. Far away as it seems, a conflict in this region hits Europe at least as much as the conflict in Syria did and still does. Bear in mind that since the conflict in Syria the amount of terrorist attacks in Europe significantly increased, and an armed conflict in the Gulf region will not be helpful and surely won’t make Europe safer. But yeah, Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be that much infatuated with his wife anymore. Poor Melania. I guess we should ask Sean Spicer about it. The Gulf region, and the rest of the world, will wait…

– Martijn Groenewold

Featured image: Pixabay

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