About the Pen

Established in 2016, Talk to the Pen aims to gather together a collection of voices, and their opinions and ideas on worldwide current affairs, ranging from politics and the environment to technology and the arts. We wanted to consolidate this into one platform and afford writers the opportunity to make their voices heard and enable readers to experience views on interesting topics they may not have come across before.

We realised that two voices, one British and one Italian, were not nearly enough to cover the ever-changing dialogue of worldwide affairs. This is why Talk to the Pen will host both regular columnists and guest writers, turning the platform into a crossroads where writers and readers meet to share.

In today’s digital post-truth society, opinion is no longer confined to the ink of newspapers and magazine. We receive most of our updates and information through online news outlets, as well as social media through friends, colleagues and strangers.

Whilst Talk to the Pen is here to listen to as well as write for you, we also want to pass the pen over to you.

Is there something on your mind? We want to hear it. We are interested in opinions and feature articles. You can become a regular contributor or simply just get something off your chest. Talk to the Pen is a platform to express your experiences, positive or negative, and your interests.

Please note however that we will not accept any work that incites hatred towards others. Submitted articles will be reviewed thoroughly and the decision to accept or reject work is at the editors’ discretion. Any views represented in an article are the writer’s own and do not represent those of Talk to the Pen. For more information check our style guide.