Sarah Maclean, Co-Editor in Chief

Working in a Cloud-Based business solution by day, this Brit is a self-confessed traveller and scribbler by night, with a penchant for spontaneous trips, cooking and binging on Crime series. She has a Masters in Linguistics, an interest in Global Affairs, Politics and Culture and currently lives in Amsterdam. While she can taste the difference between Edam and Gouda, this has failed to improve her fluency in Dutch. She is a regular contributor to platforms such as “Resonate”, “Thrive Global” and a freelance Ghostwriter.

Luisa Seguin, Co-Editor in Chief

Born and raised in Italy, she has traveled and lived abroad quite a bit but finally landed in Amsterdam, where she terribly suffers the weather. Theoretical linguist by day and blogger by night, she dreams of becoming an editor, adopt a four-legged friend and live in a lighthouse. Her greatest passions? Books, dogs, traveling and cooking. Besides French movies and Russian literature, she is also very passionate about the environmental and social issues shaping this ever-changing world.                                                     


Martijn Groenewold

Born and raised in Amsterdam, I have a degree in International Relations. International politics, current events and sports – specifically football – are topics I like to read and talk about. I also enjoy a variety of different TV-series, from horror to Game of Thrones. Don’t ask me anything about music though; my iTunes has been described as ‘disappointing at best’.

Michiel Does

With a great passion for innovation and efficiency, Michiel is working as a Business IT Consultant at a global consultancy company. He holds a degree in Business IT & Management and spent a big part of his life on the basketball court. He has a broad interest and opinion in and about the world and how innovation impacts us humans living in it.

Andrea Di Carlo

Italian by birth, he has travelled around Europe to realise Northern Europe is the best place to be. English philologist by training, he has a passion for progressive politics and foreign events. He adores English and German literature, but also philosophy and early modern history. He writes for different blogs and dreams about becoming a university lecturer. Sooner or later!


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Claudine Diedericks

My roots are in the Cape Province of South Africa, an area boasting some of the most beautiful landscapes (bias aside).  Through my research interests I am nowadays based in the Netherlands, where I’m pursuing a PhD in the Food Science discipline.  Life taught me many things, amongst others that qualities such as perseverance and empathy can sometimes open unimaginable doors.

Tjesse Roeters

Originally I am from Amsterdam, the most beautiful city in the world, but moved to Leiden to study at Leiden University. There, I am finishing up my degree in medieval history which I studied with great pleasure and interest. Next year I am moving to the United States, which explains my interest for American politics. Furthermore, I love music, travelling and having a nice cold beer in the sun.